About MAXI

The Marketing Association of XLRI, or MAXI as it fondly known, is the oldest committee on campus. Started over thirty years ago, MAXI’s mandate is simple – popularise the field of Marketing at XLRI. This is achieved through a mixture of competitive events, talks, interaction sessions, conferences and of course, the world-renowned MAXI Fair. It is often said that Marketing is something that needs to be experienced rather than studied, and MAXI uses this as one of its guiding principles. All events conducted by MAXI are designed to give students a deep, working insight into what Marketing is really about. MAXI is possibly the best-known and most respected committee, both within and outside XLRI. This standing is a result of constant innovation – be it in the more famous form of MAXI Fair, or other initiatives like Mindscapes – India’s first seminar on the applications of Behavioural Research in Marketing.

The flagship Marketing event at Ensemble, the annual XLRI Fest is perhaps the most hands-on Marketing event on the B-school circuit. MAXI Live! has been initiated to act as a forum for Live projects enabling better interactivity between academia and industry. Intra-college activities like MAXI Bazaar and industry interaction sessions under Perspectives serve to add flavour to the academic courses taught in Marketing and keep interest and enthusiasm high. MAXI Writers’ Guild acts as the eyes and ears of the committee and informs the students of new trends and campaigns through their magazine Insights and by regular updation of the MAXI blogsite. Never one to rest on its successes, MAXI strives to continually innovate and provide the best possible learning experience to the students to maintain XLRI’s standing as ‘The’ destination for Marketing.